Today I ran 18 miles. I ran 18 miles with someone who has a complex relationship with running.  Unlike them I am a lucky bastard that loves running. Some individual runs are pretty shit but that doesn’t change how I feel. I like running with my friends, I like running on my own. I like … More Pointless

Fighting Evolution

Before you go any further be warned.  The language within is shall we say colourful.  Probably not the kind you would use in front of your average congregation. If you are easily offended read no further. I have a friend who says that running is the reverse of getting drunk. When you start out you … More Fighting Evolution


As promised…. More of my rambles….. I have always been a Fetchy. For those who don’t know there is a website called Fetcheveryone where you can upload your running data. It keeps track of all your stats, training, races, kit, everything you need to know.  When I started taking my running almost seriously it was Fetch … More Strava