Riding in the fog

Another day another opportunity to put fingers to keyboard. I have to seize every opportunity I can nowadays. Especially when writing gives me the chance to bore readers with another folksy anecdote drawing parallels between a life experience and the masochistic art of running. This week I rode my bike to work. Now you might … More Riding in the fog

A Newbury Adventure

So about a month or two ago I had a genius idea. I bought a camper van. The theory being, I can go and drive somewhere, have an adventure and… start spewing my folksy running wisdom upon you poor unsuspecting people again. Next step, what kind of adventures will help me to create some folksy … More A Newbury Adventure

Marathon Therapy

I was going to write about how sticking at it was really important and how great it was to see so many faces still coming back week after week for the learn to run group but, the TV program Mind over Marathon inspired me to take a different look at things. I can’t remember why … More Marathon Therapy

Learning to Run Again

So this week Learn To Run has started once again. Regular and neglected readers may remember that this time last year my folksy running wisdom escaped from the internet and hounded the steps of poor unfortunates who though they would try this running thing out. Lessons were not learned and some more unfortunate victims I … More Learning to Run Again

A right pair.

It had always been dark.  I had always been cloaked in black. There may have been a dream of colours once, a large room full of noise and confusion while slowly becoming aware of my twin and I’s existence. Mirror twins, blind forever. Sometimes we spoke wondering if there had been colours, wondering if they were dream … More A right pair.

Valencia Marathon

This blog is going to be a straight run report on Valencia Marathon. There is a much bigger story in the process of being told but you will have to wait as it covers a period of a year. Just a hint of the huge impact small moments and little decisions can have on our … More Valencia Marathon

Determinedly Drifting

Once again it is time to leave behind the comments on training and observations of running quirks and delve into the homegrown folksy wisdom of SaulBee on running. Yes I am about to draw tenuous connections between running and lives in the real world, mainly because my IRL job has changed and difficult choices must … More Determinedly Drifting