Up North

I have been running with friends across the South Downs recently and found the whole experience very satisfying even though I’m not much of a trail runner. I like a bit of concrete and tarmac but the hills, the scenery and the general sense of acheivement are quite satisfying. I may have softened my outlook … More Up North

Charity Again

Please Donate Here If you have been reading my blog recently you know that I am not a big fan of charities. More accurately it’s the big charities I’m not a fan of. You know, the ones which hoover up all the places in major running events, leaving the smaller do gooders scrabbling about for … More Charity Again

Growing up

Driving home today it suddenly occurred to me that I have changed a huge amount. I mean intellectually I already knew this but I had one of those moments of brain searing clarity given form by a question.  At what point did I turn into a person who really has no qualms about running a … More Growing up


Today I ran 18 miles. I ran 18 miles with someone who has a complex relationship with running.  Unlike them I am a lucky bastard that loves running. Some individual runs are pretty shit but that doesn’t change how I feel. I like running with my friends, I like running on my own. I like … More Pointless