Out there somewhere!

I don’t know why but runners never seem to be totally happy with where they are. Don’t get me wrong they don’t mooch around like misery laden, angst driven teenagers the whole time. Generally they are quite happy people, it’s just that they never seem satisfied and I have been trying to sort this one out in my head. I think the answer has something to do with a combination of long term goals, and personal responsibility. Bear with me while I flesh this out, certainly for myself I always feel better when I am working toward a target, the next race, a time I want to achieve and when I am there or it is done I feel slightly deflated. I also know that the journey I took to get there was mine, and mine alone. Nobody else can take my legs out to train while I stay at home playing COD (however it is interesting to note that somebody else could just get past that level on COD for me while I go out and train). For example I have a friend who ran their first marathon 2 weeks ago and has got the grumps a bit because Parkrun has been hard. Already forgotten is the stupendous achievement and mental strength required to run 26.2 miles. All the months of training and self doubt, the pain and triumph swept aside because less than 2 weeks on, 3.1 miles made their legs ache. I love her to bits but I want to shout get some perspective here, you shouldn’t be back on it for another 4 weeks. It will come back and you will be bounding round parkrun like the gazelle you once imagined you were. I’m not really one to talk though. I ran the same marathon and although I got a PB by about 50 mins, I took this race more seriously than any other and felt I should have done better. Consequently I have been out on track since (well for the last 2 weeks) running Yasso’s. Dull and hard but I am sure it is making me faster and I will get that time that I will be satisfied with…… Or maybe not. This morning I ran a new parkrun PB knocking 42 seconds off my time and getting below 24 mins for the first time. I thought I would be quick after my track sessions but never imagined a sub 24, however now not more than 6 hours later I am thinking ‘you know what if I just do a little more work I can get sub 23’. So I will keep running keep training because at the end of the day my target will forever be moving just out of my present capability!


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