Running Solo

Running alone, love it or hate it, whatever your opinion it has some value. Personally I like the odd solo run. When I started out nearly all of my training was done on my own, I really didn’t know any other runners. Dragging myself out on cold rainy dark evenings was a challenge in itself, … More Running Solo

Running Friends

@justrunjon on #ukrunchat said ‘Running friends are the best friends’ and I had to agree. The real question for me is why? It’s true that I feel closer to my running friends than almost any other people I know and I am not alone in this, as evidenced by the tweet. Have you ever heard someone … More Running Friends

Pussy Power

I like pussies… and runners. Both cats and people who regularly shuffle about faster than a walk seem to me to be quite self contained. Not necessarily unfriendly but happy to get on with their own life. They don’t often seek the approval of others, and although they don’t mind being helped, more often than … More Pussy Power