Pre or Post OCD

I was asked recently while stumbling around my local Parkrun a question that made me stop. I won’t say I was floored by it, but it certainly kicked my brain into gear. “Did I develop my ocd before or after I started running?” At first I thought the whole question was completely unfair, I don’t … More Pre or Post OCD


By mile 10, Gregory Fishbourne’s legs had lost their bounce; it was all turning into a bit of a struggle. A glance at his phone told him he was doing 9:15 minute miles – slower than the 8:30 he had set out at and not the 9 minutes that he was aiming for. He was … More Loser

Junkie Running

Marijuana and running have more in common than you might think. Before you throw up your arms in horror and disgust at the idea hear me out. At different points in my life I have been a big fan of both, and I know I’m not the only person like that. So the question I … More Junkie Running