A love of running

The two of them stood at the back of the crowd knowing that they would pretty much remain there till the end. They had hovered at the rear of the new runners, briefing clinging to the aggressive anonymity that shielded them from the world. Despite doctors orders, and the help they had received, it had … More A love of running


I think there are at least 2 ways to approach marathons. One way has you studying your pace putting it all out there and running for the absolute best time you can in your own little bubble. The other is more social, almost a day out with friends doing what you enjoy and loving every … More Brighton


For the Manchester marathon I had a plan. It started in December and ended on Sunday 10th of April. There have been ups and downs, an injury at the start, continued with an illness and finally got back on track at the end of January. From then on I have followed the training plan as … More Manchester

Filling the void or how to think about post marathon comedowns

  Spring has sprung.  The bluebells are struggling to carpet woods, daffodils lie spattered across grassy mounds, birds are nesting and, up and down the country the pitter patter of trainers can be heard in city streets.  Yes marathon season is here again.  I know that marathons are run all year round, I spent most … More Filling the void or how to think about post marathon comedowns

Learning to run

Tuesday night was cold and wet. It was raining at just the wrong time and I’m glad to say that the evening did not work out as I expected. What I expected was a poorly attended and subdued club run, what I got was 20 or so people determined to brave the elements and push … More Learning to run