Meh Bread and Butter

snoopy-loglineIt’s not always easy writing a blog every week, especially one where I try and draw some kind of life lesson or general observation about the world from running experiences. OK so some of my posts are about specifics such as Heart Rate training, pacing, marathons and injuries, but on the whole I like to think of my blog as a little pearl of wisdom shared magnanimously to make my readers lives brighter. I have been told that I have delusions of grandeur! Anyway, this blog is quite similar to a run from a few weeks ago.
Back from work, it’s dark and raining the last thing I want to do is go out and run 6 miles, but that’s what I did. Somehow I managed to scrape up what little motivation I had, just enough to get me out the door and started. It began with a long hard stare at my trainers willing myself to get them on, part of me thinking this would be the hardest struggle of the lot. Once they were laced up getting out the door would be easier. It was just like staring at a blank document on the little tablet I write on, needing to find enough of an idea to start me off. It didn’t have to be any kind of profound thought because not all blogs are life affirming viral epics that change the world. Not all runs are great either, some are just the bread and butter ‘Meh’ runs which build the base miles and just keep you ticking over. Some blogs are just words in digital backwaters to maintain the habit of writing and, that has value in itself. That evening then the trainers went on and, at the start of this week I thought about the struggle of writing a life enhancing blog. This must be what it’s like for a vicar churning out sermons to educate and enlighten their flock every Sunday. Unlike a vicar though I swear a fuck of a lot more 7-tips-for-running-in-the-rainregularly.
I said to myself that if I only managed a mile of the 6 that would be enough, at least I will have tried. I have used the same trick on track, pretend to yourself that you are going to do half a session and then sneakily carry on to finish the whole thing. Being a distance runner my legs don’t get going properly for a few miles, so after a mile when they are still aching and my heart is not properly in it I remind myself that in another mile or so I will feel a lot better. Around the 2 mile mark I spot another runner and following the ‘Bee patented method for High 5ing’, we make palm to palm contact. Always puts a little spring in my step and I then know I will do the 6, even if it becomes a trudge. The turning point for this blog post was the pretence of being a vicar in a dusty church in the middle of nowhere. He may have a small congregation, he may be a dull and permanently confused little man, but there are people relying on him to draw crappy analogies, and contort aspects of everyday life to conform to his own particular view point. No bible for me though, just that state of repeated almost falling called running, and my flock, just a handful of subscribers and twitterites.
By the time I got back from that run I didn’t feel great, there was no particular runners high to leave me enthused and inspired. Don’t get me wrong I felt better than when I went out but there was nothing earth shattering about it. It remained a bit ‘Meh’ and as I approach the 650 word mark this blog is about the same. A bit of a struggle but not a great battle against the odds to be remembered for all time, nothing to constitute a huge drama downloadand, in a week or two’s time it will lie forgotten in a rusting deserted corner of t’internet. So what hideously tenuous moral can I draw from all this for my ever silent flock (a few comments would be nice, even the shittest vicar gets a handshake as the parishioners file out of church)? I must warn you it’s a bit ‘Meh’, but that is what this blog is all about. Like most of life itself both in running and in blogging there are times when it is just a dull uninspiring struggle with no great peaks or troughs. But it is these times of ‘Meh’ that act as a foundation to the great achievements, without the slightly depressing tedium of hard work there would be no PB’s. So next time you stare at your running shoes thinking I can’t really be arsed, remember this dull and dusty blog and the half arsed struggle it took to write it. I’m not expecting miracles (I’m not really a fucking vicar), just a grinding resignation that sometimes we have to do the ‘Meh’ runs and ‘Meh’ things in life just to get through to the good stuff.


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