Bugger Brexit

OK need to get this off my chest otherwise I will boil and explode. What really pisses me off about this is all the people who voted to leave who really have no interest in Europe at all. How can I make such a sweeping statement look at the 2014 European Parliamentary election results. I … More Bugger Brexit

Iron Woman

We interrupt this service for a very special announcement. My illusions have been shattered, my hopes and dreams for a better future crushed and, my irrepressible positivity has been well and truly pressed. Such an earth shattering crisis of faith I have been moved to write a midweek blog. A friend of mine competed in … More Iron Woman

Rangry Therapy

I always wanted to invent a new word. Easy right. All you have to do is string together a bunch of phonemes or graphemes and there you go. Schnapgrablefarp, see how easy was that? Well no not actually that easy schnapgrablefarp is missing one vital ingredient, it doesn’t actually mean anything and that is the … More Rangry Therapy