Rangry Therapy

tom-gauld-cartoon-for-the-guardian-on-neologisms-and-forgotten-wordsI always wanted to invent a new word. Easy right. All you have to do is string together a bunch of phonemes or graphemes and there you go. Schnapgrablefarp, see how easy was that? Well no not actually that easy schnapgrablefarp is missing one vital ingredient, it doesn’t actually mean anything and that is the important aspect of any neologism. A new word only works if it is used, and it is only used if it has a meaning.

At this point I am fairly confident that at least a few of my readers are looking all confused and wondering what the hell is going on. I mean this blog is about running, so what is all this crap about making up words and graphemywhats and phonedoodads, well dear reader I shall explain.

There is a running phenomenon that we have all come across at one time or another, it has happened to every runner I know. Sometimes when you are running alone and sometimes when you are running in a group. Occasionally you will suddenly realise that you are running angrily. When you are on your own your head is filled with all kinds of shit. The argument you had with your significant other, that arsehole at work, the cost of repairs to the car, why you didn’t get the part you really wanted in the nativity play when you were a kid. I mean I would have made a fantastic Mary, even if my voice was breaking and I needed to start shaving. When you are out with others it can be that someone starts venting about, the significant other, the arsehole at work, the price of a set of tyres, that nativity play. I even had my costume already made to measure. Anyway the point is that this happened on a run the other day and as we came out of the other side of this emotional whirlwind we decided that this experience really needed it’s own word. A quick 5 minutes of Googling found no word that meant running while angry, and so I present to you now my new word….

Rangry! : To run while very angry indeed.pissed2

I just did a rangry 10k peat my PB by 2 mins.

Rangry miles actually have a double vale. We noticed the other day that while out covering a few rangry miles the main instigator, who was also setting the pace was speeding up. The more the emotional temperature rose the quicker we went without actually realising it. This makes sense I guess when you are cross adrenaline starts pumping and you become more excitable. It’s also worth remembering when it comes to races, a couple of rangry miles in there could make that expected mediocre time into a stunning PB. Probably worht nursing a few grudges that can be unpacked in the case of an emergency. Who wouldn’t want a couple of seconds off their pace ready on standby. Talking of which it was a beautiful Mary outfit, I know she didn’t traditionally wear a basque and strippers shoes but she would have if they had been available!

The other value of a rangry training session is it’s therapeutic value. Sometimes what we need to get over something is just to give it time to work through. While running we exist in a kind of otherworldly bubble. We can voice frustrations and be cross without it spilling out into real life. We can exhaust petty arguments to our hearts content and quite often have a captive audience who will take the opportunity to do the same on another occasion. The greatest miracle of all about this running therapy is that quite often by the end of our run the last few miles are not in the least rangry at all. Our frustrations have been worked
out and let go, particularly as the extra pace has absolutely knackered us and put things into some kind of perspective. Sometimes we have a realisation that perhaps we might have been over reacting, or occasionally our anger is simply spent like a child after a tantrum. I have even been able to work out solutions to problems while running once the initial rangry miles have been got out of the way. The best thing is this, when rangry miles are covered with friends come the end everything is Rangryforgotten. It no longer matters finishing is such a joy, especially considering the elevated pace, that whatever it was that made you so cross in the first place has long gone. This is what happened the other day, I have no idea what that rangry section was all about, the only thing that stuck with me was the need for a new word and the opportunity that I now had.
So here you are it has graphemes, and phonemes and most importantly it has a meaning I give it to the community of runners for their use and may you all have many therapeutic rangry miles to make your lives better.


6 thoughts on “Rangry Therapy

  1. Rangry, I can see it catching on.
    A non testable performance enhancer.
    I have experienced the effect myself, anger seems to override my gasping lungs making me forget about the running itself. I wonder what mental techniques olympians use.

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