Bugger Brexit

OK need to get this off my chest otherwise I will boil and explode. What really pisses me off about this is all the people who voted to leave who really have no interest in Europe at all. How can I make such a sweeping statement look at the 2014 European Parliamentary election results.

I have heard the cry from many Brexiteers that we had to leave Europe to take back control. Well I have news for you, we actually did have control. In 2014 we had European elections where you could vote for people who would make a difference. MEP’s help appoint the bodies that devise legislation and have to give the go ahead before any of it becomes law. Only 35% of people could be bothered to turn out and vote, most of you obviously couldn’t give a stuff about the EU then. What’s worse is that the people who won the most seats made a point of saying that they were not going to turn up and do the job they were being paid for, and when they had a chance to fix things deliberately did nothing. Perhaps 2 years ago when you had the chance to influence things everything was OK, perhaps the EU wasn’t broken then? While people were riding the gravy train and not looking after our interests that was OK, was it? Then all of a sudden something needs to be done about an out of control Europe and all these people crawl out of the woodwork with their strong opinions and a lack of interest celebrated in a mistrust of experts. Where were you when you could actually make things better with your wisdom and earnest desire to do the best for our country? I don’t know but most of you certainly weren’t in the polling booths.

I voted in 2014, I encouraged people to vote and I didn’t hide what I thought about certain parties and how dangerous they were. Not to many people interested back then, it was all a bit complicated and difficult to understand and didn’t really effect them much. Obviously you were wrong in hindsight because it seemed terribly important yesterday. I tried to talk to some people about this and as soon as they found out I had a different opinion they lost interest. Seems nobody was keen to talk about how they didn’t quite understand what Europe was, or how democratic it was, or discuss how things they were being told were actual lies. Some of you did and I am grateful that you took the time. Others who didn’t want to engage, I’m just saddened by your continued lack of interest and where it has brought us.

What is worse is that I used to believe that the British were capable of manning up and fixing a problem head on, but apparently we have to run away. Instead of making Europe a better place for ALL Europeans we decide that quitting is the best solution, fuck em eh, Europe is broken and we could have made it better but Nah we’ll just stand over here and laugh as everything goes to hell in a hand basket. I am ashamed that I live in a nation who must seriously think there is a problem but rather than turn up to vote 2 years ago, or wait another few years and vote to get it fixed we give up.

Allow me to make this analogy…..

It’s like sitting round watching telly with a couple of mates and one of them says the colour is a bit off. You hadn’t really noticed that there was a problem but, the loud strident overexcited friend goes on and on about the shit colour balance until you think yeah, it might be a bit shonky. The other friend who is a bit of a nerd hands you the remote and suggests you change the colour balance but you can’t be arsed. After another hour of listening to the mouthy mate going on about the shitty colour balance you have had enough. You take your boot to the TV and kick the fucking thing to pieces and then congratulate yourself on a job well done.


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