A Running Journey

I’m not a hobbit! Ok so blog opening sentence malfunction, yes I don’t live in a hole in the ground, I mean how many people actually do? I’m not that short and though my feet may be hairy I tend to wear shoes (do trainers count as shoes?). All of this I hope is blindingly … More A Running Journey

Moving Parliament

I’ve been thinking this week again about democracy and how it seems to have lost it’s way in the UK at the moment. Last week I wrote about how the media found it easy to manipulate voters by giving them half truths, down right lies and filtering information that they received to suit their own … More Moving Parliament

Mental Running

I was reading through slow runner girls blog this week and we got chatting. Slow runner girl is a bit of a hero of mine(don’t tell her nobody needs that kind of pressure), she has taken heart rate training to levels I cannot even imagine. I tried training to heart rate last year and managed … More Mental Running

Democratic Media

OK so my last ‘political’ post was about what was wrong with democracy in the UK. I moaned about the lack of choice people have when voting. This mostly comes about because of the misconception that in order to change the political landscape of a country you first have to be elected to office. You … More Democratic Media

Phoenix 10k

Wednesday night was the last race that I had booked in my Summer of Fun flurry of action. There was no bling to be had, no goody bag and no T-Shirt, which is not the best motivation for running a race. What the Phoenix did have though was a reputation as a fast flat course … More Phoenix 10k