Thanks Parliamentary Labour Party

Thanks Parliamentary Labour Party. No I mean it, thanks for handing the country over to the Tories. The one thing this country really really needed at the moment was to be given no alternative but to accept the same status quo they had just voted against. Seriously, what is your major malfunction? In the last election you received a severe kicking from the Scottish electorate because you were viewed as Tory Lite and you have just come back for more. There was a way out, you could have rebuilt the country, you could have worked in the interest of the working class but, it appears that keeping hold of your ideology was more important than reality.

Lets have a think, after the last election as a joke you put up a left wing candidate for leadership, somebody not associated with the establishment who had grass roots appeal and a firm commitment to social justice. Bugger me Bob there was a resurgence in the party membership, lots of people who had left and given up voting came back to the fold. People who had never been part of a party before joined and before you know it the bastard had won the leadership. Now I know a lot of you were unhappy because you thought you were the serious politicians with your finger on the pulse, but lets be honest here, you just weren’t. Bad mouthing people from a secure Westminster bubble and telling everyone what a disaster he would be just confirmed what everyone had said about the establishment. Despite the amount of shit you threw at him, he did better than expected at local government elections. You would have thought that this would have been enough of a clue for you but obviously not.

Now the last big political event has taken place, a referendum where whatever the actual result a large part of the disenfranchised, disempowered electorate just wanted to give the Westminster establishment a jolly good kick in the teeth. Well you would have thought that anybody sane would understand this as a tacit endorsement of a non- establishment candidate. Apparently not. Apparently 50% of the population telling you that they don’t like the way that they are being left behind by London elites is not clear enough. Poor saps that they are, they really don’t know any better and they should just shut up and listen to their superiors who really know how to win popular support. So far PLP you seem to be doing remarkably shit at this game, now I wouldn’t mind but, it is fucking up my schools, hospitals, housing, and hopes, by leaving it in the hands of those who seem to want to privatise the lot.

You are so far up your own arse at the moment that I have heard a rumour that if the ‘joke’ candidate wins popular support of the membership of the labour party again there will be a massive split and you will quit. Yup just like a spoilt brat, if the people you are paid to represent decide something that you don’t like you are going to throw your toys out of the pram. That’s right, you are there to represent their views, not to tell them they should have chosen differently, like a waiter in a restaurant who refuses to bring the food I ordered. “No you cannot have the chilli because I think you should have the porridge”.

So once again thanks for just proving to all those leave voters who chose to leave the EU because for once their vote might count and they could change something, that they were right. They had their chance, they changed things, it might be for the worse, but when you are at the bottom of a great big shit heap it ceases to matter so much. I thought there was a glimmer of hope, I thought there might be the opportunity to offer a real alternative but no. Having spent 9 months trying to highlight all of Corbyn’s bad points and undermining him, and failing, it would have been nice to try and help. Just support him and gently round off the sharp edges, work with the most popular leader of a political party in this country. No obviously the really sensible thing to do is to have a 9 month paddy and crush all the hope out of people like myself who thought that politics in this country¬†might actually change. Oh well, back to absolute apathy because as sure as fuck, nothing I do will make a difference as long as there are twats like you in power.


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