End of an era!

Independent running shops are dying, and it’s us runners who are killing them. The first thing I did when I had my arm twisted into running the Blenheim Half three years ago was to find a shop locally that would sell me some running shoes properly. They checked my stride, sold me some shorts as … More End of an era!

Learn to Run

Originally posted on hj:
Learn To Run. Have you ever wanted to run but not known where to start? Maybe you’ve tried going out for a jog only to get out of breath, develop shin splints and quit the next day. Perhaps you have friends who run and you’d love to join them. Or maybe…

Mental Training

A few weeks back I wrote about the mental side to running. In the post I talked about dealing with the boredom of spending a lot of time on your feet but, there is another mental aspect of running that needs to be addressed. It came up during a little twitter chat.  The idea that … More Mental Training