A little bit lost.

beinglazy_5fbdf8_3588524I know, I know……

It’s been bloody ages and last time I wrote I left you in the middle of a story.  The tale of my last marathon, I will get there and finish it.  It may take some time but even if I only have just about 50 subscribers it’s still unfair to leave you in the lurch


This post will not be that post. This will be another in the series of half arsed folksy running wisdom from your favourite blogger by the name of Saul Bee. Second favourite at the very worst, there can’t be more than 2 Saul Bee’s out there delivering half arsed folksy wisdom of the running variety. Anyway, on top of insincere apologies I feel the need to offer some kind of explanation. I hinted before about changes at work which meant I no longer had the time to produce a weekly blog.  Needless to say, home life has got a bit more complicated than it was too. On top of both of these there is also the delight of a niggle that is worrying enough to send me to the physio.  What with marathon training stalling before it has even started I am, as they say, in a bit of a funk.

I have said before that one of the reasons I like running is that it is a simple sport to participate in.  After you have purchased the trainers there is very little else that you need to do except get out the door.  Getting out that door is possibly the biggest challenge of all.  Carving out the time to run takes a conscious effort and is a habit you have to build. I spent a long while prioritising running and changing my habits completely in order to make it work.  This is why I have found myself regularly getting out of bed at OMG O’clock to get training miles in. Getting out the door and running has become easy.

In a similar way I had developed a routine at my work where I would fill the odd 20 how-to-embrace-change-at-work-1-638minutes with writing.  I always had my tablet with me and when I had those moments of calm I could switch everything else off and focus on getting the words out. Home is small and full of distractions.  My work environment no longer gives me the opportunity to write. In the space of 2 months a regular habit that I had maintained for almost 2 years has slipped from my fingers.  I am left resorting to sitting with a coffee while avoiding the shops in a rare excursion to town.  Even here I find it hard as there are so many people, talking, shuffling, arguing and, generally creating the distraction of potential stories spiralling away into my sweaty and voracious consciousness.

I am left then at the moment with one long established habit I was proud of lost and, an injury threatening an even longer and more importantly established habit.

What to do?

Well there is the problem and here comes the folksy running wisdom.

I have a plan and it is in action. I will see the physiotherapist and they will diagnose me give me some exercises and a timescale for when I can get back to running.  I will then be able to draw a line and say this is the date that I am to re-establish my running habit.  I am not going to beat myself up.  Sometimes we have setbacks and things are not easy and this is when we are tested. It is not the injury that is the problem, it is how I deal with it that is the potential problem. Ignoring it means I could ultimately destroy the paltry running career I have, getting it seen to and dealt with while frustrating will serve me much better. In the meantime I have one benefit from work I am going to make use of. Apparently my employer has arranged for free access to the local swimming pool. Something I am going to try out on Monday morning bright and early when I would normally be running. At least it may help me to stop feeling like a bulging lazy son of a bitch.

As for the writing….

This blog is still here, it’s not going anywhere. I have a couple of stories in various states of development and the occasional shopping trip as an opportunity for writing. So…..

I will not beat myself up. I will write when I can and wait for work to change once again, this might allow my life to get back to some semblance of the way I want it. In the alex-gregory-i-enjoy-the-pearls-of-folksy-wisdom-as-much-as-the-next-guy-but-what-ex-new-yorker-cartoonmeantime I will blog irregularly and keep my hand in while waiting til regular service can be resumed and I can re-establish the habit. Getting frustrated will not help in the long term and may well turn out to be counter productive. I can wait and come back to regular writing when I can come back properly. Possibly with the end of my Valencia tale, as I am sure you are all itching to know what happened. Well here is a spoiler….

Mark turned out not to be a mass murderer.


5 thoughts on “A little bit lost.

    1. Thanks SRG, happy new year to you as well. The pool is a good substitute but I’m not really much of a swimmer so maybe pool running would be the answer. I will ask the physio when I see her Thursday.

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