Learning to Run Again

largeSo this week Learn To Run has started once again. Regular and neglected readers may remember that this time last year my folksy running wisdom escaped from the internet and hounded the steps of poor unfortunates who though they would try this running thing out. Lessons were not learned and some more unfortunate victims I mean people are ready to learn. It gets better… some of those who were in the group last year are back again and reminded me of something that has been lost in the last few months.

I have neglected this blog and forgotten the golden rule which I learned from running. The thing that started this all off in the first place. In some ways you have to treat anything you do that you would like to get better at as a job. There is no excuse, you just have to do it. You can’t be a runner if you don’t run, and you can’t be a blogger if you don’t blog. It might be much harder to find the time now but, it is worth it in the long run to make that time. There will always be those both greater and lesser than yourself but, the fact you put the work in allows you to wear the smug pants of pride. It doesn’t matter if you run 50k or 5. If you write 3000 words or 300, simply working at doing something regularly is enough to establish the habit.

So thank you Learn To Runners. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for giving me a psychological kick up the arse. Let’s try and get this done. You turn up 3 times a week and deal with my irritating ways and, I will make time to relay the lessons we learn together to the very small collection of types who look at my blog.


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