Back in the game?

Last year was not great for me. I lost sight of a few things I had learned over the previous 2 years. Although I kept my running going I gradually let the cross training slide, I stopped writing and tweeting, in fact apart from work most of everything else I was enjoying slipped away. I could blame work, I could blame the people around me, I could blame all kinds of things but, the simple truth is I allowed it all to slip. Take the blogging for example….

When I started my weekly blog I was fishing for stuff to write about. What I had learned from the running was that simply getting out there and doing it was half the battle. Style and quality could be developed, the habit needed to be maintained and once it was established things would get easier.  Whereas last year I clung on to the running like it was my only hope for sanity, I let the writing go. To be fair, running is a lot simpler to maintain, I just put my trainers on and an hour later I am done. Writing requires several revisions not to mention half a dozen false starts and micro tantrums. Quality does not seem to matter where running is concerned but writing is different. You are not putting yourself on display in quite the same way with a shit run especially when it is just training and not a race. A shit blog post is there for everyone to see, to judge you by, it’s not so easy to hide your inadequacies.

This is where the lesson from my running came in for my writing, sometimes you just have to be brave and put shit out there. Write something, let the words come, fill up the page. Volume establishes the habit just like the shit runs still help somewhere down the line, even if it is just keeping the momentum going. Grand and elaborate posts can wait till you have time to craft and nurture them, in the meantime just get into the habit again.

So there you go. Your weekly dose of Saulie wisdom.  Sometimes you just have to grind it out simply to keep things going, just to keep the good habits. You can think about the style and content that make you proud when you have time.

Now do me a favour. Don’t leave comments about how shit this article is. I know it’s bollocks but that misses the point. If you have the itch to take a pop at me leave it a few weeks and if I have not written something else send me a tweet @saulbee and tell me to get my lazy arse in gear and just put something up because this year……

This year I am going to try and get back a lot of the things I lost in the previous one.

Luv n Stuff

Saul Bee


5 thoughts on “Back in the game?

  1. You are spot on with that! But there’s no shame in grinding things out. Many good things come from plain old hard graft. As Speedgoat Karl said recently on Talk Ultra your most memorable races aren’t always the ones where it all just happened, they are the ones when you didn’t quit but just had to grind it out to get to the finish.
    All the best for 2018.

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