A right pair.

It had always been dark.  I had always been cloaked in black. There may have been a dream of colours once, a large room full of noise and confusion while slowly becoming aware of my twin and I’s existence. Mirror twins, blind forever. Sometimes we spoke wondering if there had been colours, wondering if they were dream … More A right pair.

Running from guilt

I looked at the uncomfortable, lycra–clad people, wondering what their reasons for being here were. Mine would be different to everyone else’s. I couldn’t imagine anyone was carrying the same guilt as me. They were walking in small circles, waving arms about and generally looking foolish when I arrived. I was gestured into the group … More Running from guilt

A love of running

The two of them stood at the back of the crowd knowing that they would pretty much remain there till the end. They had hovered at the rear of the new runners, briefing clinging to the aggressive anonymity that shielded them from the world. Despite doctors orders, and the help they had received, it had … More A love of running


By mile 10, Gregory Fishbourne’s legs had lost their bounce; it was all turning into a bit of a struggle. A glance at his phone told him he was doing 9:15 minute miles – slower than the 8:30 he had set out at and not the 9 minutes that he was aiming for. He was … More Loser

Fatties Penance

It was the third time that the penance had been paid, the fourth that this particular marathon had been attempted. The hill that led out of the small hamlet (just a couple of houses and a teashop bisected by the main road) was as hard as ever. By the time the top was reached, breath … More Fatties Penance