I was listening to a show the other day on Freakonomics Radio where I was introduced to I pencil. This is not some new Apple product, it is an Essay on economics written in 1958 by L. Read. For the TLDR ( too long didn’t read) attention span people like myself it basically points out … More Toast

Moving Parliament

I’ve been thinking this week again about democracy and how it seems to have lost it’s way in the UK at the moment. Last week I wrote about how the media found it easy to manipulate voters by giving them half truths, down right lies and filtering information that they received to suit their own … More Moving Parliament

Democratic Media

OK so my last ‘political’ post was about what was wrong with democracy in the UK. I moaned about the lack of choice people have when voting. This mostly comes about because of the misconception that in order to change the political landscape of a country you first have to be elected to office. You … More Democratic Media

Bugger Brexit

OK need to get this off my chest otherwise I will boil and explode. What really pisses me off about this is all the people who voted to leave who really have no interest in Europe at all. How can I make such a sweeping statement look at the 2014 European Parliamentary election results. I … More Bugger Brexit