Walk Don’t Walk

After my recent summer excursion I was told not to run. My Achilles heel was damaged  and I was told to take 6 weeks or so off running to recover. Of course like all runners it made me decidedly twitchy. In an attempt to alleviate the heeby geebies I had a go at walking. Having … More Walk Don’t Walk

Not bothered!

I did my first marathon because I was inspired by a Hundred Clubber wannabe. I looked up to her because she seemed so normal, you would never be able to guess she was some kind of super runner who had completed more than 50 marathons. There was no clue that most weekends she was out … More Not bothered!

Big Moments.

One of the reasons I like running distances is that it gives me time to think. When I blogged regularly it was my long runs that gave me the space to think and plan. Over the last 18 months though not only have I not had the time and energy to write in the same … More Big Moments.

Just sometimes.

Last week I was sat on a train on my way to Edinburgh to run another bloody marathon, as if doing 10 in 10 days is not enough for the year. It was crowded and hot and like so many others in that tin box I watched a film. It was called ‘A monster calls’. … More Just sometimes.

Up North

I have been running with friends across the South Downs recently and found the whole experience very satisfying even though I’m not much of a trail runner. I like a bit of concrete and tarmac but the hills, the scenery and the general sense of acheivement are quite satisfying. I may have softened my outlook … More Up North

Charity Again

Please Donate Here If you have been reading my blog recently you know that I am not a big fan of charities. More accurately it’s the big charities I’m not a fan of. You know, the ones which hoover up all the places in major running events, leaving the smaller do gooders scrabbling about for … More Charity Again

Growing up

Driving home today it suddenly occurred to me that I have changed a huge amount. I mean intellectually I already knew this but I had one of those moments of brain searing clarity given form by a question.  At what point did I turn into a person who really has no qualms about running a … More Growing up