Marathon Therapy

I was going to write about how sticking at it was really important and how great it was to see so many faces still coming back week after week for the learn to run group but, the TV program Mind over Marathon inspired me to take a different look at things. I can’t remember why … More Marathon Therapy

Valencia Marathon

This blog is going to be a straight run report on Valencia Marathon. There is a much bigger story in the process of being told but you will have to wait as it covers a period of a year. Just a hint of the huge impact small moments and little decisions can have on our … More Valencia Marathon

Mental Running

I was reading through slow runner girls blog this week and we got chatting. Slow runner girl is a bit of a hero of mine(don’t tell her nobody needs that kind of pressure), she has taken heart rate training to levels I cannot even imagine. I tried training to heart rate last year and managed … More Mental Running