Up North

I have been running with friends across the South Downs recently and found the whole experience very satisfying even though I’m not much of a trail runner. I like a bit of concrete and tarmac but the hills, the scenery and the general sense of acheivement are quite satisfying. I may have softened my outlook … More Up North

Dark Habits

This week after a couple of twitter people suggested it I am going to write about running in the dark. I could warn you all to wear light colours and bibs so that you are easily seen, reminding you that yellow is the most visible colour of all. I remember reading somewhere that statistics show … More Dark Habits

Mental Training

A few weeks back I wrote about the mental side to running. In the post I talked about dealing with the boredom of spending a lot of time on your feet but, there is another mental aspect of running that needs to be addressed. It came up during a little twitter chat.  The idea that … More Mental Training

Mental Running

I was reading through slow runner girls blog this week and we got chatting. Slow runner girl is a bit of a hero of mine(don’t tell her nobody needs that kind of pressure), she has taken heart rate training to levels I cannot even imagine. I tried training to heart rate last year and managed … More Mental Running