Flash Fiction

This is something I decided to have a go at a month or so ago, an idea came to me for a story, just an image in my head really that was desperate to get out.  It coincided with an article I heard about short stories or Flash Fiction which could be read in about 5 minutes.

The same radio show said that there was not really any running fiction, lots of people writing about running, but not many people writing fiction in which running is central to the plot.

So as the image in my head was that of a runner on a lonely trail marathon going through a ritual, and I spend an awful lot of time running and thinking about running, I thought I would give it a go.

If you do read fiction here I would ask that you try and comment, even if it’s only to say that my spelling needs work.  I would like to get at least OK at this writing malarky and I know from running that some recognition is always positive and constructive criticism can be used to improve.  The last time I actually wrote a story I was probably about 13 or 14 at school so I probably have some work ahead of me.

Finally if you have read and enjoyed anything here please don’t be selfish, think of one other person who might enjoy it and share it with them.