Dark Habits

This week after a couple of twitter people suggested it I am going to write about running in the dark. I could warn you all to wear light colours and bibs so that you are easily seen, reminding you that yellow is the most visible colour of all. I remember reading somewhere that statistics show … More Dark Habits

Running from guilt

I looked at the uncomfortable, lycra–clad people, wondering what their reasons for being here were. Mine would be different to everyone else’s. I couldn’t imagine anyone was carrying the same guilt as me. They were walking in small circles, waving arms about and generally looking foolish when I arrived. I was gestured into the group … More Running from guilt

End of an era!

Independent running shops are dying, and it’s us runners who are killing them. The first thing I did when I had my arm twisted into running the Blenheim Half three years ago was to find a shop locally that would sell me some running shoes properly. They checked my stride, sold me some shorts as … More End of an era!

Learn to Run

Originally posted on hj:
Learn To Run. Have you ever wanted to run but not known where to start? Maybe you’ve tried going out for a jog only to get out of breath, develop shin splints and quit the next day. Perhaps you have friends who run and you’d love to join them. Or maybe…